Our aims

Viewing places and observing faces. Listening to sounds and noises, perceiving smells and scents, savouring food and flavours as one travels through the land of the place one is visiting.

The Second Vatican Council has rediscovered the Pilgrimage as an instrument and a privileged place for catechesis and evangelisation. After many years of experience and many people we have met, accompanied and known, we are now committing all our experience to giving proposals that can meet the needs of those who choose to set out. They can be considered itineraries, research journeys, paths, but above all they are a very significant moment in the life of each person. Being Church, that is, a community in Christ, pushes us to make the Christian proposal known, convinced that each person can find answers to their most authentic and deepest desires. In the Pilgrimage, the impressions impressed on our hearts and bodies are united in memory with the beauty of the faces we encounter, since "evangelisation also implies a path of dialogue" (Evangelii Gaudium, 238).